Thursday, September 13, 2007

OK, I will do second backup NOW!

Last night I came across a sad story about a guy who loose almost all of his data, including some voice files of his passed mother.

Well, I do have backup. For work, I got one extra hard disk in Mac Pro, which got synchronized with the main HD whenever I am having lunch in weekdays. At home, I have tons of old harddisks storing my huge music library. In my Linux server, I scheduled important files backup to another drive every single night. But is it a bulletproof solution? I know it's not.

What if my office got fire? Then both the HD in Mac Pro will be gone. What if my home got fire or theft? Then all my personal data and work are gone. OK, may be these are a little bit extreme. How about if the power supply of my computer got surged? The result is the same. One backup = no backup.

So I just subscribed Mozy. It recently got a Mac backup solution. For about USD5 per month, I have unlimited storage for backup. Though it may take month to perform a complete backup of all my stuff (well, the approximate upload rate stays at about 60KB/s), for long term, it should be a bulletproof solution. Just no need to get worried about backup anymore.

I am glad that I have read the story, and even more glad that I have made the decision immediately.

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